Yesterday involved me using half my day to design a flier for a transhumanism and cybernetics in Peninsular literature conference beneath the eyes of a very anxious husband. For once all my fiddling around in SL was of some RL use!


Afterward I couldn’t help doing a similar shot minus the Terminator eye and mechanical body parts. I am having such fun with materials and the new St. Tropez Hammered Disks from Maxi Gossamer catch the sun or any other projected light beautifully. One thing to note is that materials don’t seem to be supported in Firestorm yet, so to catch all the materials goodness be sure to use the LL viewer. Maxi put a video on her blog so check it out to see more!


Hair: *Dura-Boy*35 by Chiaki Xue

Skin: Belleza Mya Medium by Tricky Boucher

Lashes: Miamai Toxic Catwalk Lashes by Miamai

Eyes: Ikon Vanity Eyes Grey by Ikon Innovia

Earrings: Gossamer Jewelry St. Tropez Hammered Disks Silver by Maxi Gossamer (@Collabor88)

Necklace: Gossamer Jewelry Amulet of Seraphina Silver by Maxi Gossamer


Photo 1:

Cybernetic Eye: CyberEYE v2.1  by Giancarlo Corvale

Cybernetic Arms: [Neurolab Inc.] EV3 Cybernetic Arms Android by Ono Zinner

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