Gentle Grace

It’s been a great week for new releases and a couple of them have been of the ocular variety. Eyes are hard to make well, especially if you want them to be at all realistic-looking. I look at some of my snapshots from my first days in SL and I look like Cruella Daville much of the time—psycho crazy eyes. In this SL day and age there are a lot more options—some uncannily beautiful. Now Agnes Finney has gotten onto the eye bandwagon and she has recently released some lovely designs, which should come as a surprise to no one who knows Agnes’ work. My friend Isabelle was gracious enough to model them for me.


Isabelle is also the embodiment of grace in this timeless classic from Carisma Creations.



Hair: Analog Dog gala paprika by Queue Marlowe

Eyes: Agnes Beaute_Eyes_Gentle Grace (M) by Agnes Finney

Necklace: Single heart letter gold chain Necklace V By Jamman

Dress: Carisma Creations Fairy Dress Sky by Antonin1

Earrings: Gossamer Earring-Shell-Teardrop-Peacock Eye by Maxi Gossamer (Marketplace)

Bracelets: Gossamer Boho Bangles – Gold and Lapis Lazuli by Maxi Gossamer (Marketplace)

Location: Welsh Rainbow

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