Fun @ Sascha’s

Sascha Frangilli had a ten-minute sale yesterday at her store for anyone wanting to pick up this beauty of a gown. It was definitely a bargain and quite a spectacle to see the mass teleportation that occurred during those ten minutes! Sascha’s designs are always so beautiful, and I think they are a bargain at regular price, since you usually get enough variety in each dress to make up about four different outfits. One day I will have to see just how many combinations are possible—but for today, just two:

For extra dramatic effect, I love the front deco attachment, which turns this into quite the avant-garde creation.

Of course it was a perfect gown to accessories with the Bauhinia Blakeana set from Alienbear. This set is to die for, but obviously needs a special dress in order to properly highlight it!

When the ten minutes were up there was a ten minute naked-wearing-high-heels-only run through the store, which unfortunately I had to miss! Happening place, though, right? Can’t wait to visit again! Make sure you are in the group so that you don’t miss out on Sascha’s wacky, wonderful events!

Dress: SAS Gracious Mauve

Shoes: KL Nadia Silver Satin

Jewelry: Alienbear Bauhinia blakeana

Hair: Amacci Melody Onyx (new)

Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 06 [Nougat] Glow

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