For The Musician

O Music hast thou only heard
The laughing river, the singing bird,
The murmuring wind in the poplar-trees,–
Nothing but Nature’s melodies?
Nay, thou hearest all her tones,
As a Queen must hear!
Sounds of wrath and fear,
Mutterings, shouts, and moans,
Madness, tumult, and despair,
All she has that shakes the air
With voices fierce and wild!
Thou art a Queen and not a dreaming child,–
Put on thy crown and let us hear thee reign
Triumphant in a world of storm and strain!

-Henry Updike

I always liked this verse about music. It seems to apply to all kinds of music and sound, whether you are a classical musician or a head-banging metalhead. About a month ago Jamman released this beautiful music-themed set. I have worn it several times since then. One of Jamman’s specialties is his tiny, detailed prim work.


The necklace is available individually but there are also earrings, a bracelet and a belly piercing available.


Hair: >TRUTH< Brit – espresso by Truth Hawks

Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia

Jewelry: Music chain Neclace silver By Jamman

Shirt: coldLogic top – hache.cocoa by Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe and Zyrra Falcone

Pose: Olive Juice

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