Fire Mage

The beautiful dark skins that Aikea Rieko is releasing at Fantasy Faire this year are making my imagination go crazy. While this particular fantasy involved the necessary covering up of the avatar to avoid scorching everything around it, I am sure I will find another way to use these gorgeous dark skins. But today I am inspired by the Fire Mage Master from Robin McKinley’s novel Chalice.

My magical, protective fire-proof outfit today comes from Damien Fate, and keeps me from burning anyone who touches me to a crisp. My cracked fire tattoo is a nice match for this lovely skin.




Hair: >TRUTH< Elisha – blood by Truth Hawks

Skin: :[P]:- Draziirah [Female]://Inferno by Aikea Rieko (@Fantasy Faire Evensong Woods)

Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Pumpkin by Ikon Innovia

Tattoo: Caverna Obscura Fire Cracks Full Body Tattoo by Elvina Ewing

Outfit: FATEwear – Ithron – Earth (XS) (Cloaked) by Damien Fate (@Fantasy Faire Titan’s Hollow)

One thought on “Fire Mage

  1. Rudhmellowen

    Wow when you’re fantasy side comes out Eliza it comes out in true technicolour, you look absolutely amazing! I mean you always look gorgeous but this is just… WOW!

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