Today I visited Vivante, where some of the best sculptors in SL have their work displayed:
It’s amazing what some people can do with prims and sculpties. If you haven’t had a chance to go there, it’s worth a visit.
Now, if you are going to look at art, you need to dress the part! This top from Zaara Kohime is a simple piece but shiny enough to dress up the outfit. I also went with Zaara for my jewelry, since you can basically never go wrong with one of her pieces. 
Just when I think I have the most gorgeous pair of shoes in the world I find another that becomes my new love. These are from Onyx Leshelle and as usual they are so lovely it might not even be possible to replicate them in RL. Tell me they are not the most amazing shoes you have ever seen…well…at least this week, anyway!

Today I fell in love with Queue Marlowe. I have never met Queue but I am still in love. At Analog Dog you will find some of the most realistic looking hair on the grid and this style instantly became my favorite ponytail. One particular thing I like about Queue’s work is the minimal amount of editing I have to do to the hair to get it to fit properly on my head. It just fits right to begin with.
Top: Pants: [Decoy] Genesis 10 Capri – White
Top, Jewelry:    ZC : 5 Kavi top *sky*
                             ZC : Indra painted stacked bangles *silver* ,

                        ZC : Sarayi painted hoops *silver*

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Hana White Patent
Hair: Analog Dog lemon onyx
Location: Pixels Arts

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  1. Lashae Karsin

    Oooooooo I love this outfit!! And, those shoes are to die for!

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