Dreaming of Summer

It has been a long, cold couple of weeks. There are rock hard piles of snow everywhere I turn, and road salt coating the underside (and topside) of every car I see. I can’t even think about going outside without my coat or boots. And I am always, always chilled. So I went in search of sun and sand in SL today, and found it in two very beautiful sims:


This is Mangosteen, a small island that an aquaintance brought me early on in my SL experience. It is quite tiny, but always beautiful. I used the occasion to bust out the T-shirt and shorts that have been hiding at the back of my drawers behind all the heavy sweaters.


I love these mocs from Surf Couture, they are just right for padding along the beaches and boardwalks. I also made a visit to one of the Costa Rica Sims:


I tucked a hibiscus into my hair, checked out the waves and enjoyed the sunshine. All in all a lovely reminder that someday it will be warm again.

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