Dance In Second Life Challenge

Music: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Video shot in Camtasia Studio

Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from? These are a series of Jive dances from MyAnimations by Ramona Criss. They are upbeat and fun and let Bastion and me boogie away without things getting weird. 🙂

Which is your favorite dance in Second Life? – I don’t really have a favorite, but I tend to go with Akeyo when I am out dancing, since they are first alphabetically in my Animations folder.

What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? – I don’t go dancing much anymore but I like the Humanoid dances, and am thinking about trying some of those if I ever go out again.

Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life? – I used to be. I feel like a weird lurker going places to dance by myself, and mostly my friends are not interested in dancing. Thanks so much to Bastion for helping me out today!

Are you a frequent dancer in the real world? – Yes and no, mostly I dance around the house. It could not be called graceful or elegant, but there it is. I don’t dance in public—that’s my gift to the world.


Hair: Magika Reflect by Sabina Gully

Skin: Atomic Muse by Ivy Graves

Sweater: Tres Blah Preppy Sweater with Blouse by Julliette Westerberg

Pants: Monso My Cotton Jeans Red by Morphine Janick

Boots: Monso My Western Boots by Morphine Janick


Hair: Exile Traveller by Kavar Cleanslate

Boots Walkers -REDGRAVE by Emilia Redgrave

BALACLAVA!! Old-Keys necklace by Uriah Eulenberg

[Deadwool] Lahood pants – black – by Masa Plympton

[Deadwool] Round collar shirt – by Masa Plympton

Slink hands relaxed by Siddean Munro

3 thoughts on “Dance In Second Life Challenge

  1. Mireille

    Hi, Eliza! I really enjoyed your video…it was really good – and I LOVE that music. It just makes me wanna dance some more!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eliza Quixote

    Thank you so much, Mireille, it was fun to do!

  3. Strawberry Singh

    omg totally love those animations! Going to have to go pick them up and perfect choice with the song. 😀

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