Pompeja Rossini’s latest skin is called Damiani  and I’m a big fan:


I really love a couple of things about this skin—first of all, that face! Trust me as the wife of a husband whose beard line is prominent even when clean shaven, this is a very realistic look.  I also really like the more subtle muscle definition on the arms and legs. Too often in SL male skins can be less like normal guys and more like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Universe days.


If clean shaven isn’t your style, though, there are many options for Damiani.


Hair: Truth Drake Espresso by Truth Hawks

Eyes: pc classic dark soil by Lano Ling

Skin: LaVie Damiani #2 Soft Shade Tan by Pompeja Rossini

Tank:  GB Tribal Tank Top by Takuya Jinn (Group gift)

Shorts: s’Lade MEN Brown Shorts by Harsh Slade

Shoes: SOREAL Superstars White by Kwamey Pinion

Location: Innsmouth

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