If I (being totally artistically talentless myself) have one gripe about SL content it is the dearth of quality animal props available. I don’t know how many times I have wanted a bird, dog, cat, horse, goat, deer, or whatever in my photos only to find that the options are truly limited, particularly animals that can be posed.

That’s why I used the Breeder’s Choice horse avatar for my photo today. Where are all the SL unicorns? Knowing my unicorn lore, I am well aware that unicorns are NOT horses and bear only the most passing resemblance to them, but alas, horses are what there is to be had in SL.

I took this photo on Sasaya Kayo’s beautiful sim while her charming foxes looked on. Perhaps there is hope for SL animal props after all.




Hair: [LeLutka]-POCAHONTAS hair – AlmostGoth by Thora Charron

Skin: Essences – Emma *peche* brunette by Inka Mexicola

Dress: ISON – charlotte dress snow by Harry Hyx (@Collabor88)

Pose: Contact2 by Bastion Flare

Location: Happy Mood


Horse avatar: Breeder’s Choice Cremello Horse Avatar (with modifications pack 1) by Teager Resident

Horn: Flying Horse Head Studios Spiral Unicorn horn for BC Mesh Horse by Tyr Fluffy

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