When people ask me if I want my own sim in SL, I always tell them yes and no. It’s fun to build and terraform and decorate and landscape, but one of the wonderful things about SL is the variety of places you can go. And there is so much to see and do, why would you want to limit yourself to one sim? Today I checked out a few different places, first the aQ store:


My sweater and boots are from Kiwi, a great combination great for tromping around and exploring, especially if you end up somewhere snowy:


This is an Amaretto breedable horse sim, and it was a perfect backdrop to show off my casual braid from Truth Hair. Awww, who doesn’t want to watch baby horses?


One of my good friends in SL is a horse breeder herself, and so we paid a visit to her herd. Looks like they are looking forward to spring, as well!

Winter boots today, maybe a swimsuit tomorrow–and all at the click of the teleport button. How can you beat that?

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