It’s always nice to find good guy poses, and at Pose Fair this year Londenia Leistone of Ridic has released this guy-friend pose, named simply “Dudes Pose.” So I went in search of some of my favorite SL dudes, Leto and Steel, who are always fun to photograph. Since they also expressed appreciation for Winter Thorn’s Harvest Chairs,  I am including a photo of them sitting there, as well. Thanks to both of them for helping me out with these photos.



Hair: Clef DePeau:  White hair back and brow 5 by Marcopol Oh (Brow at The Arena Men’s Fantasy Event)

Skin: Clef de Peau: Tadao T4 by Marcopol Oh

Body: TMP Beta with Classic Head by The Mesh Project

Jacket: …Scars…Biker Jacket (BLACK) by Sin Knoller

Pants: INVICTUS -Open Jeans/dark > Black Belt by tx Frimon

Shoes: 2Real ARTFEX LMT black shoes by 2Real Okelli (@The Men’s Dept.)


Hair: Argrace ARATA Dark blonde by Rika Oyen

Body: SIGNATURE Anthony R2 Avatar by Signature

Jacket:  Addams // Denim Vest for Men w/ Hoodie // Dark Blue by Amalia Rainwood (@The Men’s Dept.)

Pants: Yasum Mesh Jeans by Grandma Bates

Flips: CheerNo FliFlop Spring by Cheerno Destiny

Pose Photo 1: Ridic. Dudes Pose by Londenia Leistone (@Pose Fair)

Pose Photo 2: What Next Winter Harvest Chairs by Winter Thorn

Location: Bougainvillea


You to the left and I to the right,
For the ways of men must sever,
And it well may be for a day and a night
And it well may be forever.

-At the Crossroads, Richard Hovey.


Hair: Magika [Hair] Daffodil by Sabina Gully

Skin: -Glam Affair – Artemis – Asia 06 by Aida Ewing (@Collabor88)

Body: Slink Physique by Siddean Munro

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo : Inermis by Leti Hax (@District 5)

Jacket/Shirt: Insanya  Aria Jacket  by Tatiana Ultsch (@District 5)

Pants: Yasum*MESH*Army Cargo’s by Azlyn Vaher (@District 5)

Cigarrette: [NikotiN]    Cigarette_Classic    (V.4.0) by Raph Dirval

Jewelry Fair 2011



Tomorrow the Jewelry Fair kicks off, and here’s a little preview of one of Tiffy Vella’s designs for the fair. As always, her pieces have individuality and shine and beautifully rendered detail. And oh, there is more to come, my friends. My perfectly form-fitting mesh top comes from Azlyn Vaher at Yasum.




Jewelry: Eclectica “Opulence” necklace-Pewter (@Jewelry Fair)

Top: Yasum*DARE ME* MESH

Hair: Vanity Hair: Lys HP-Nova Black (@Modavia Fashion Week)

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Grey (ML)


This summer I was thrilled to reconnect with a friend that I met as a teenager living in Guatemala. I wasn’t thrilled at the time to be living there, but this wonderful girl made it so much better than it might have been. Analilí is one of those heart-stoppingly beautiful women that people actually pause and stare at on the street. You all know or have seen these women, I am sure. Maybe you are one of those women! But Analilí also happens to be one of the most purely good people I have ever met, and it shines out of her whole countenance. It was disconcerting but also comforting to see that, after fifteen years and a couple of kids, she has not lost that incandescent beauty. And I realized how much I had missed her. That two-hour visit was one of the highlights of my whole summer.

All this came to mind when I put on the new Kat skin from Apple May Designs. See for yourself:


Now, my friend is one of those ladies who would look fabulous wearing a potato sack, but she would wear this lovely mesh dress from Yasum to perfection.



Dress and Shoes: Yasum*Playfull Strapless* MESH (Marketplace)

Clutch: Indy&Co.: Snakeskin Clutch-Gold

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Dark Brown (M)

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Hayfa V2 Hair/Espresso

Jewelry: Finesmith Peridot necklace & earrings

Skin: (AMD) Kat – Dark – Nitro 2