Blogger Challenge: Faire Folk

The beautiful Peryton avatar from Wilds of Organica reminded me of the brilliant and deadly monsters from Kristen Cashore’s Fire. This creature can soar high above towers and yet swoop down with sharp claws to capture its prey. It’s fawn color helps it to blend into the earthy tones of the Hope’s Horizon sim.


Avatar: [ Wilds of Organica ] Peryton Avatar Brown) by Aki Shichiroji (@Fantasy Faire Blackwater Glenn)

Pose: Created with Animare pose system

Location: Fantasy Faire, Hope’s Horizon

Frog Prince

My friend Bastion made this sweet pose which gave me the perfect occasion to wear this lovely dress from Luminary, which is available at the One Word event. Any frog this big has got to be enchanted! You can find the Frog Avatar at this round of the Arcade at the Wilds of Organica machine.


Hair: Exile::Shine by Kavar Cleanslate (@The Arcade)

Skin: Atomic Innocence by Ivy Graves (@Skin Fair 3)

Tiara: Eclectica ‘Harikoa II’ Fern Tiara by Tiffy Vella

Dress: Luminary Ophelia – Green by Augurer (@One Word)

Frog Avatar: Wilds of Organica Frog Avatar by Aki Shichiroji (@The Arcade)

Pose: Frog Prince by Bastion Flare

Location: It All Starts With A Smile