In my student days I lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on the third floor of an apartment complex that had a dense wood behind it. It is to this day my favorite place I have ever lived. In the wood were bright yellow American goldfinches, hawks, sparrows, towhees and my favorite, the Northern Cardinal.  The cardinals would fly in a swooping, rising and falling pattern until they reached my balcony, where my birdfeeder hung. I spent a lot of hours sitting by the window and watching the birds come and go, and in the spring seeing the young ones fledge from the nest and hop adorably around on the ground searching for seeds and calling to each other. The place I live now is fully urban with more asphalt than trees, and the only birds we get are the raucous and belligerent European starlings who do well in parking lots and the occasional urban square of lawn. In the winter, though, I think back to those magical snowfalls and ice storms in North Carolina and the flash of crimson red moving about on the white snow. One day I want to live in a place like that again.

The Neve/coldLogic team has released beautiful winter coats for the season and I chose one in creamy white for this photo today. I also love Sh0rtie’s mesh knit gloves from the Wayward Market; good realistic looking gloves are hard to find, especially if you are picky like me and like them to be pretty as well. These fit the bill and are available in several different color combinations. The star of the show is the Northern Cardinal from Half Deer. I bought these last year and they strike the same delight in me now as they did then.

I took this photo in front of my house on Studland Bay. It is part of the Tour of Lights, which runs through the end of tomorrow. Please feel free to stop by and have a look around, and follow the tour to see some of the other fun home decorations on the grid!



Hair: Magika – Sparkle (w/ lights) by Sabina Gully

Skin: [PF] <Crystal> – Morgana – LOGO ALEX Head Applier by Mochi Milena

Coat: neve coat – femme neutral by coldLogic

Gloves: [SWaGGa] Holiday Knit Glove Red/Wht by Sh0rtie (@Wayward Market)

Cardinal: +Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal by Halogen Magic

Pose: Vanity Winter Poses by Ni Avril

Location: Studland Bay

Art Deco

Art Deco is the theme for this round of Genre, and there are some wonderful items available at the event. Tiffy Vella has released another gorgeous jewelry set, called Rhapsody in Blue. Also at the event is a beautiful skin from Mayaa Thistle of Jalwa.


Two more great items hail from Synjary Miriam of Senzafine and Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle. This gorgeous dress is worthy of any event, and my wall sconce adds the necessary dramatic accents.


Hair: Vanity Hair:The Meadow-Soil by Tabata Jewell

Skin: Spyralle Wall Sconce “Inspiration” – Red Hot Mama by Mayaa Thistle (@Genre)

Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes – Glass by Ikon Innovia

Jewelry: Eclectica ‘Rhapsody’ (in Blue) by Tiffy Vella (@Genre)

Dress: .:Senzafine:. “Josephine” Dress – Noir by Synjari Myriam (@Genre)

Shoes: [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V2 – Maryjane Court by Gospel Voom

Wall sconce: Spyralle Wall Sconce “Inspiration” – Red Hot Mama by Kerryth Tarantal (@Genre)

Stool: Dark lady stool – by Italica I.D. by Kristina Ferraris

Pose: Studio Sidhe Art Deco Pose by Faery Sola (@Genre)

When It Comes To You

If we can’t get along we oughta be apart
And I’m wondering where did you get that cold, cold heart
Set me free – sign my release
I’m tired of being the villain of the piece

-Dire Straits, When It Comes To You

This song by the excellent Mark Knopfler came to mind after a conversation that I had with a friend this last week. Since wintertime is right around the corner coldness is about to become omnipresent, and while that means holidays and cheer and time with families, it also signifies death, starkness and emptiness. Perhaps those are the things we try to avoid thinking about with all our holiday merry-making.

The lovely Evana skin from Carisma Creations adds the perfect touch of frosty haughtiness to my cold-hearted woman today, with it’s angular shape and cheekbones and jawline that could slice you right in two. Also contributing to my icy demeanor is the bold new Snowflake set from Yula Finesmith. And what could be more wintry than these ingenious icicle pumps from Harmless Ink?:



The new Catherine lace dress and Bess feather jacket from Agnes Finney add snowy richness to the ensemble. The jacket in particular is meticulously put together and the feather prims fall naturally and beautifully no matter what position you are in. I think this just might be my favorite Agnes of all time.


Stay warm, my friends.



Hair: Vanity Hair: Lys HP-Nova Black by Tabata Jewell

Skin: Carisma Creations Evana Skin Fair 2011 by Antonin1 Resident

Eyes: Fashism Sunrise Eyes Pale Steel Blue (S) by Ikon Innovia

Jacket: Bess Feather White by Agnes Finney

Dress: Catherine White  by Agnes Finney

Shoes: Harmless Ink Icicle Pumps by Harmless Halfpint

One thought on “When It Comes To You

  1. Nicandra Laval

    brrrr..getting so cold seeing all the ice here… super those shoes.. the mach with the jewelry is so cool hehe bye bye Nic

Jewelry Fair 2011



Tomorrow the Jewelry Fair kicks off, and here’s a little preview of one of Tiffy Vella’s designs for the fair. As always, her pieces have individuality and shine and beautifully rendered detail. And oh, there is more to come, my friends. My perfectly form-fitting mesh top comes from Azlyn Vaher at Yasum.




Jewelry: Eclectica “Opulence” necklace-Pewter (@Jewelry Fair)

Top: Yasum*DARE ME* MESH

Hair: Vanity Hair: Lys HP-Nova Black (@Modavia Fashion Week)

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Grey (ML)