Skin Fair 2015, et al.: Otherskin

Being an avid science fiction and fantasy reader, I love seeing the fantasy skins that creators come up with in SL. I also confess to a desire for more fantasy avatars in SL…it would be great to see more alien faces and body structures. Kadaj Yoshikawa of Harshlands has made a start with his beautifully crafted Drake. Although not a skin or an avatar, the drake was essential to my mood as I took these photos today.



Kaleidos Hope offers the Lilith skin at Skin Fair. This skin’s coloring and texture made me think that it probably evolved to resist a harsh environment such as this one:


I took these photos on the breathtaking Colder Water sim by Jordan Giant. Lilith can be found on sim 2 at Skin Fair.

Hair/Headress: :Unzipped Fantasy Headdress Mask by Barnabas Moonshadow

Skin: Otherskin Lilith Dusk by Kaleidos Hope (@Skin Fair 2)

Eyes: IKON Deadshine Eyes – Industrial by Ikon Innovia

Armor: +Blasphemy+ Malice armor – Female by Anjo Ishtari

Drake: [HarshLands] Drake by Kadaj Yoshikawa

Pose: Eliza Quixote

Blogger Challenge: My New Shiny

One designer who is new to me this Fantasy Faire is Niekra Torvalar of Niekra’s Dreams. Here I am wearing her luminous Hope skin in Dark Violet, the Relay For Life donation item. Also from Niekra is the terrifying Necromancer outfit. I am glad I wandered into her store. Also noteworthy is the stunning Fantasy Headdress from Destany Laval. There are many new-to-me designers this year at the Faire and I look forward to exploring more of them.


Headdress: .:UnZipped Fantasy Headdress by Destany Laval (@Fantasy Faire Asperatus)

Skin:  Niekra’s Dreams Hope Skin – Dark Violet by Niekra Torvalar (@Fantasy Faire Medhir Woods)

Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes –  – Passion by Ikon Innovia

Tattoos: Spyralle Waverider Tattoo Full – The Deeps by Kerryth Tarantal (@Fantasy Faire Hope’s Horizon)

Collar and Dress: Niekra’s Dreams – Necromancer Black by Niekra Torvalar (@Fantasy Faire Medhir Woods)

Pose: Del May Composed by Del May

Location: Fantasy Faire Mourningvale Thicket