There are probably better things than the feeling of sand through your toes, but after clomping through a foot of snow I can’t imagine what they might be. There is not a lot of love shown to SL system hands and feet, unless it is ways of covering them up, but there is always the hope that one day our virtual selves will sport hands and feet that don’t look like we have severe arthritis.

In the meantime, there is Siddean Munro at SLink, who makes prim feet that you can wear when you feel the need to toss your shoes. (Admit it, you know you want to toss them!)
Aren’t they so cute? Too bad RL feet rarely look so pretty. These come with a hud to help you match size and color to your avatar skin. I am wearing Nellie from LAQ and managed to come pretty close. You also have a lot of options for nail color, and in my book an instant pedicure is a good thing. A very good thing. I went with a neutral nail color, but there are a lot to choose from.

Obviously bare feet go with pretty much anything at some point, but for today they accompanied a tank top from Exodi and denim shorts from Surf Couture. Bare feet also call for more casual hair, and I loved this ‘just-pulled-out-my-ponytail’ style from Exile. I am ready to go a-wadin’!
It’s been fun, system feet, but I have found a new love….see you around.

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