Foreground trees: Little Branch Spring Blossoms and Little Branch Cedar tree by Cari McKeenan

Grasses: Anc Toritonia (@Uber), Zigana (discontinued)

Fox: Jian Red Fox Standing by JianSL



Hair: Truth Bloom by Truth Hawks

Dress: Neve Picnic Dress by coldLogic (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Pose: An Lar Gina Series by Katya Valeska (@The Liason Collaborative)

Location: Studland Bay



LB_MoonFlowerShade{Animated} by Cari McKeenan (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Flowers: Heart Garden Center

Location: Studland Bay

One thought on “Shade

  1. Rory Serpente

    Yet another great example of you photography.

    I can terraform and landscape other peoples land, however when it comes to my own land I either have so many conflicting ideas or I have not a single idea. I need someone to suggest an overall plan. Possibly the person who terraformed a trout stream on my land, an excellent job they did, for photos for their blog. Could you let then know and see if they would have time?