I remember back in August when Janie Marlowe released her first mesh clothing designs. We had all been “waiting” for it for awhile, but boy did it ever explode once Janie started making it available. And boy did she crank out a lot of stuff those first few months! It was all anyone was talking or blogging about. There may have been quite a bit of viewer-based consternation about it (and the Phoenix people probably cried buckets), but the variety of mesh designs has continued to grow and now there are many designers who are getting on board. Janie, Damien Fate and Zyrra Falcone are now collaborating on a new mesh-based venture together, called coldLogic. They are opening on February 1st, so only two more days to wait. coldLogic has offered a free welcome dress in three colors to subscribers and it is a real beauty—style and comfort together! If this is what they start with, I can’t wait to see what comes next!


Hair: Maitreya Ymre II – Walnut by Onyx Leshelle

Necklace: Addiction Wise Owl Necklace by Atiya Masala

Dress: coldLogic dress – free winter.stone by coldLogic

Tights: JANE – lil piggies champagne by Janie Marlowe

Socks:  [knickknack] knitted sock SOIL by Levia Larsson

Boots: Quality Designs Flat Boot Leather in earth tones by Jessie Auer

Location: Huntress

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