Alphabet Challenge….A

After complaining loudly in the color challenge group chat the other day about how I could barely keep up with the colors and that the whole alphabet thing would be way too much, I got thinking about how fun it would be….why not use this obscenely large inventory….etc. Hence this post. First comes A, and the only thing I cheated a bit on was my dress, the creator of which has a name that does begin with A, so it’s only a bit of a cheat. Go ahead, judge me.

I actually used a location that started with A as well—the Alafia Country Trailer Park. Why do I love that sim so much?!!?! And my poses are by Avant, just in case! Memo to me, make sure you have room in your picture to fit all the text!

For more information about the alphabet challenge, check out the masterminds here.




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