Welcome to my blog!


1. Some of my photos are photoshopped, and some are not edited at all beyond cropping. If you ever have any questions regarding a photo feel free to IM me in-world or send me an email.

2. I do accept review copies and do my best to review the items I am given, however I do reserve the right to not blog items that do not reflect the style and spirit of my blog. Due to financial considerations and my own commitment to supporting creative diversity in SL, I give preference to designers who support multiple mesh bodies. No judgment, just my personal policy.

3.  I do not denote review copies on my blog. If you would really like to know whether or not I paid for something please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss it with you. Bottom line: If it’s blogged then I liked it, and I expect my readers will form their own ideas and make their own decisions about this blog and their own taste and style with regards to Second or any other Life.