A Friend Indeed

Today is my RL birthday and so it’s time for a big confession:
Sometimes I get really sick of taking pictures of myself.
Not that I don’t love blogging—I do, it is such a great learning experience and I absolutely love SL Fashion. I have also learned how much work it is to do high quality work. Most of all I have loved getting to know other bloggers and designers. I am not that great at putting together looks and backgrounds and what-have-you, and avatar adjustment is absolutely NOT my forte. But I feel like it’s okay, because it’s really about the people and the fashion, right? And eventually I will learn to do it better. In fact, one friend couldn’t believe the pictures for today were really of me. And guess what? They’re not. Smile
This week, I asked some friends if they would be my models so I didn’t have to take pictures of myself—happy birthday to me. Today we have my girl Gypsy. She is great pal and is always ready to drop everything and pose if I need a model. That’s not easy to find in SL! Not to mention everything she puts on is amazing. Gypsy has done shoots with me before, but for this shoot I said “do whatever you want, I am just taking the pictures!” And in true Gypsyan fashion, she hit it out of the ballpark.
072611c- The beautiful Gypsy 1
072611b The Beautiful Gypsy 2
072611a The Beautiful Gypsy 3
Eyes: FASHISM Sunrise Eyes Deep Grey (S)
Hipscarf: Boho Hobo Hip Scarf-coffee
Tights: Boho Hobo Coppercells
Shorts: Boho Hobo Cutoffs with fringes
Top: Let It Bead Hippie Top-Bohemian Tan
Jewelry: Miel Lun Set
Boots: COCO Engineers Boot Brown
Hair: ND Driftwood- Beige Scarf (no longer available)
Skin: League Taylor Deep Tan-Hot Pink
Shape: Belleza Crystal shape
Location: Alafia Country Estates Trailer park
Bike: Budz, Booze & Bikes

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