52 Weeks Of Color: Tangerine

When I found out that this week’s color was tangerine I really wanted to wear this dress from House of Beningborough. Soooo tangerine, right? But then I tried to find a location, a backdrop, anything that would suit. And then there was hair. You can’t just throw your hair in a ponytail with a dress like this—a fiery creation like this one needs dramatic hair to accompany it! When  you want dramatic, 3636 is the way to go. Dianny3636 Aeon makes some of the most over the top hair out there, and it was just the ticket today. Also of major assistance was the Elysium Eilde Orange Creamsicle windlight setting.


Another dreamy orange item that came out just in time for tangerine week was the Ayelet Gold and Orange earring set from Yula Finesmith. They have beautiful shimmer and shine and are a perfect buffer between wild hair and wild dress!


Next week’s color is olive—nice, neutral olive. As fun as tangerine is, I bow my head in gratitude for a color that will not give me a headache after fifteen minutes.

Skin: Artemis_bronze_M05

Dress: BB Sensai Gown-Tangerine

Hair: 3636 Ari-Sahara (only on Marketplace)

Earrings: Finesmith Ayelet earrings gold+orange

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Gold (ML)

11 thoughts on “52 Weeks Of Color: Tangerine

  1. LisaMun Aronowicz

    Beautiful post!

  2. Laura18 Streeter

    cool indeed!

  3. Mayala Loon

    wow … that’s an awesome pic … and quite a fiery tangerine 😉

  4. ayakofirecaster

    HOT! You look amazing! Love the sexy, firey tangerine <3

  5. Kaelyn Alecto

    Speechless! Totally love these pics!

  6. astalianda

    I love how your hair matches and sort of mirrors the tail of the dress. Awesome job!

  7. Rudhmellowen

    WOW the look, movement, style of this dress is totally tangerine, rally zesty

  8. sletoile

    fanTAStical! I have to get me some of that hair.

  9. Miyoko Magic

    wow hot 🙂

  10. Anichka Savira

    Amazing shots!

  11. gilliangalicia

    Wow, stunning!!!

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