52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Pueblo

RL has taken over all available waking hours this week, and I literally ran off the concert stage in order to get home and post on time so all I have is a picture this week. I loved this pretty location at Red Rock.

Congrats to Fledhyris Proudhon and Starla Huntress for being the winners of the Ibizarre gift cards!
For next week I will give away one pair of the awesome Miel Timber Boots. Have a great week, everyone!


Hair: Analog Dog lara onyx by Queue Marlowe
Jewelry: Purple Moon Feather Fire Tones by Poulet Koencamp
Sweater: J.H. Couture *Maja* Zipper Sweater Red Brown by Jada Humby
Shorts: JANE – every day shorts.eggshell by Janie Marlowe
Boots: MIEL TIMBER BOOT NATURAL-Rust by Mika Nieuport
Pose: !bang

10 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Pueblo

  1. Ygrey Auer

    Beautiful, I guess we’ll see many looks with boots this week.

  2. YvetteDonner

    Oh, yes! You look great! Love the location, too 🙂

  3. Tigist Sapphire

    Tooooootally Pueblo! Well done!

  4. ~Jade~

    Awesome! Really well done!

  5. Sama Yalin

    Your picture doesn’t look like you had to rush 🙂 Very pretty!

  6. Nicandra Laval

    wow very nice picture in super environment.. your clothings beautiful

  7. Laura18 Streeter

    IF that insn’t Pueblo I don’t know what is!
    YAY you made it!

  8. Ayako Firecaster

    Very lovely Eliza! Such a great location!

  9. Rudhmellowen

    The setting of this photo is just stunning, I love the way that the shot looks as a whole. You have a cute outfit on for a trek into the hidden places in those rocks and just be careful you dont get lost!!

  10. ~Caroline

    A perfect interpretation of a unique color…..and I love those boots! 🙂

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