52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jazzberry

This was not a tough week to come up with in concept, but in execution almost proved to be the unhinging of my mind. My friend Stewart (my color inspiration guru—don’t ya just wish you had one too?) mentioned a great jazz piece called Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck. Let’s just pretend that I and my friends are capable of playing such a tune! Check it out below!

I am in a somewhat musical jam myself, having about 15 pages of Brahms left to memorize  before Sunday, so my efforts this week were a bit rushed.


So yeah, the curtain LOOKED jazzberry until I actually punched in the code for a background color….oh, well.



 Note: No musicians were harmed in the making of this photo montage.

Wearing:  (clockwise)


Top: Glittereati Top Pink (Marketplace)

Hair: elikatira Away Brown 04

Skin: Redgrave Cacao Zuri Skin


Dress: Azul Julianne-Ruby

Hair: Shag Naked As We Came-chestnut


Outfit: [TRC] Vinnie

Hair: Truth-Drake


Shirt: Zaara Isis Strawberry Wine

Hair: Shag Thai Me Up Velvet

Feather Extensions: Pididdle Flamingo Set


Stage background by Harley Bliss


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10 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Jazzberry

  1. Rudhmellowen

    Such a cool idea, love it! You all look very cute in Jazzberry

  2. Nicandra Laval

    The jazzclub idea i also had in my mind 🙂 i enjoyed your music ( good guru!!).. also good your man in jazzberry!Greetings Nicandra

  3. bourbiedoll

    Brilliant concept, and you pulled it off beautifully!

  4. gilliangalicia

    Wow, very nice!! Such a wonderful ensemble piece.

  5. astalianda

    Excellent idea, it’s good to see that someone went all the way with the -jazz- of the berry!

  6. Anichka Savira

    Such a great idea! You and the rest of the band look amazing! Good luck with the Brahms.

  7. samayalin

    Wow not 1 outfit in jazzberry, but 4! You were on a roll 🙂

  8. usuallyblonde

    So many outfits and avatars to put together — great effort.

  9. Asia Romano

    wow! a fantastic post, great job 🙂

  10. Laura18 Streeter

    Aw Eliza that’s just too cool! I’ll dedicate you “Take Five” by said Dave Brubeck… 🙂

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