52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Apricot

I just got back into town after being a week away from all technology—it was great, but I am rushing to get my color challenge in this week, so I will add the credits tomorrow. But here we go…APRICOT! This reminded me of my childhood picking apricots in my uncle’s orchard and canning apricot jam with my mother. We did cooked jam but my personal favorite was freezer jam. Super easy, if you ever have some apricots on hand, try it out, it is delicious and tastes a lot fresher than cooked jam, in my opinion. You can learn how to make it here.



Hair: Analog Dog .b quest house wine

Apron: [LVS KIDS]MY LITTLE COOK APRON [orange] (Marketplace)

Shirt: fri. – Thermal.Henley (Gray)

Pants: Zaara : Jeans *charcoal* (Classic)

Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Incan Gold (ML)

Jam: Kinokoko – Apricot Jam (Marketplace)

Apricot tree: Trident Apricot Picking Tree (Marketplace)

12 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Apricot

  1. Rudhmellowen

    So cute Eliza and that Freezer Jam sounds interesting I might have to try that

  2. Anichka Savira

    Thanks for the recipe, I love apricot jam but I’ve never had it home-made before, I’m excited to try it. You look adorable in apricot.

  3. Nicandra Laval

    i will try the receipt for sure… and love your post..greetings Nicandra

  4. Alexandra

    those little pots of apricot are so sweet. Great that we are now also given recipes. Will that be possible for jazzberry, I wonder!

  5. samayalin

    Not a big fan of jam, but I loved the post nevertheless. I feel a need for an escape to the country now!

  6. gilliangalicia

    Love this!! So beautiful and so practical and productive. 🙂

  7. Kaelyn Alecto

    Haha I love your approach! Very original idea! You look adorable! Bring on more fruity colors so we can see what you can come up with next 😉

  8. Ygrey Auer

    Eliza, que original, me gusta mucho.

  9. Laila Laperriere

    Aww, pretty lady, you look so sweet. =)

  10. Laura18 Streeter

    So cute Eliza, you picking apricots and next scene, in the kitchen with the same apron hard at work! … Jammin!

  11. usuallyblonde

    Lovely story and pictures :-).

  12. Yume C. & Stopaa M.

    The first photo is beautiful.

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